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[16 Sep 2006|02:16pm]

hey guys,

I've updated my webpage. I've also changed the layout. I need more members for my investigation group
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A new forum [24 Jun 2006|03:15pm]

I'd like to introduce you guys to a new forum:  http://hafodholistiche.bbfunplus.com/hafodholistiche.html.  It's just starting up so there's hardly anyone there yet, it's open to topics numerous spiritual topics.  Everything from weight loss to remote healing.  I really love the idea of an entire forum dedicated to the evolution of the soul!

There's a place just for the discussion of UFO's!
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Ghost in the house [31 Mar 2006|12:57pm]

[ mood | spooked ]

First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Meg and I'm new to this community. I'm from Michigan and I'm not entirely sure what I believe in, except that I'm fairly certain what we see is not the only reality on this earth.

My family has lived in this house for about a decade and since the day we moved in, I've felt someone else here. The house is not that old, maybe only 30 or 40 years and is only two stories, counting the basement. When we moved in, I chose a room in the basement, mostly because it was the room furthest away from my parents and younger sister's rooms. The first few nights we were here, I noticed that my dog refused to stay downstairs with me (highly unusual because she loved to sleep with me), and that whenever the door to my room was closed, she'd stand barking at the wall that separated my room and the laundry room. At first, I assumed she was just ticked that I was closing her into my room, but when she continued to bark after the door was opened, I began to wonder.

I experienced a few unexplainable things in my room there that I'm not quite ready to share yet, suffice to say that they were very powerful and very frightening. The weirdest part is that it's not a constant feeling. On certain days I'd feel as if I was being watched or followed. Sometimes I'd feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness for no good reason. Sometimes I'd just feel frightened.

A few months ago, I discussed my feelings with my mother. I've been living out of the house for about three years now, and wondered if I'd just had an overactive imagination or whatever. Mom, however, agreed with me and said that she didn't really like to go into the basement because she usually felt like she was being watched. She agreed that the spirit felt male and wasn't really a threat to us, just that he felt lost and maybe even a little confused. Mom confessed that she'd talked to a friend of hers about it and the friend had suggested praying for the man. Asking God to help him find his way to wherever he was going, and to help him find rest. After two weeks of Mom's praying, I have to admit, I didn't feel the man's presence anymore. Whether it's psychological suggestion or whatever-- I don't feel him.

Now, though, there seems to be a stronger FEMALE presence! I'm wondering if they were both always there, but his presence was the one that we connected with or was dominant over hers. But she is much more unplesant. She hasn't done anything, yet, but sometimes at night, just walking past the staircase to the basement I feel my heart rate speed up and find myself saying out loud: "No! Stay down there!" like I'm afraid she's going to come up those stairs and attack me. Mom says that she hasn't felt her yet, but since I mentioned it she's noticed that she feels uncomfortable in the house alone with the basement door open. I don't know if Mom's praying for this spirit, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for maybe talking to this spirit and finding out what's wrong or how to help her to move on.

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Intorduction [05 Dec 2005|01:54am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hello, I am a child of a family that has done voodoo and magic since the dawn of time. I have been blessed and cursed with many things. Oh the great stories I have to tell, but those shall come, in time. Right now, I am working on something that has been eating at me for a long time. Nightmares, dreams, all sewn within the fabric of time and within my mind. A hallow spell of forgetfulness lifting and things being clearer with each passing night. Hopefully I can fully place it up here, but if anyone ever wishes to talk, email me and I will check it once a week. If you would like to hear some thigns about me, comment, for I will check and goodnight, for I really need some sleep now, that way, more of the story is revealed.

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my haunted house experience. no joke [01 Dec 2005|07:22pm]

a house that i lived in that me and my husband rented from his parents is DEFINETELY haunted. i would see the same entity. i would hear him say i was going to die and then he pushed me down the stairs. the toilet would flush on its on. outside doors would be unlocked when i would come home but nothing desturbed. and he had a room that was ice cold at all times even then the rest of the house was 90 degrees.. i was terrified of that room.. a book flew across the room and opened to a face of a demon.. and i woke up one night to something i saw in the corner of the room and went hysterical and couldnt talk or anything but cry for an hour and then after it was done i wouldnt be able to remember what i had seen. still dont and its been years.. i also became an asthmatic in this house and had a time where my breathing was so low i was blue out of nowhere.. and when me and my hubby would do.. you know.. i would cry and freak out like i had been raped.. i hate that house.. and now my in laws are living there and they are having marital probs and stuff and its harassing my sister in law. but they wont have the house checked.. me and my husband almost divorced while in that house. it was like the house messed with my head so bad i went crasy and accusing him and all.. its an evil evil place. and since we've moved.. our mariage was perfect as it was b4 we had moved in and i had have barely any probs.. cept that i saw the same guy in my new place and flipped out.. but after my hubby did a protection spell he hasnt been back.
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Hello I guess I will share my story here. [17 Sep 2005|02:31am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

What should I tell you first is the best question. What I am is a start.

I am not Wiccan nor do I follow any real religon but have beliefs from several. So here my story begins.

I will be 22 this year. 22 years of strange things happening of knowing when others are sick before they know them self. Of knowing when people are going to die. of being afraid of touch. Afraid of any type of contact. I am fourth generation emapthic healing. But already my abilities out stretch my great grandmother's. Where to begin on the strange things that do exsist. Ghosts are real and no not all of them are nice. Evil is its own creation within a sipirt world. In these cases Ignorance is truely bliss.

We have a closed School. For the longest it has only been known as Public School 4 or for short PS4. We don't really know what happened there being as the school was built in 1904 but you can't find school records or anything on it.All of my life and my mother's life (so about 60 yrs.)The school as been closed. Now they are turning it into an old folks home.

There are a few rumors. A.)The principal was a cannibal and the bad student who went to his office never came back. B.)The Janitor snapped and went beserk killing a number of faculty and 20 students before A2.)Taking his own life. B2.)Or being killed.

From a metaphysical stand point. I can tell you there are 4 things that live there that should not be. They are evil and have reaked havoc with the construction crews. In the last 40 yrs there have been a number of deaths associated with the school as well as satanic ritals and whorship. There have been two White Lamb sacrifices made there to my knowledge. Ghost crawl out of the wood work. Faces can be seen in the windows that aren't covered with boards. Several of the contractors refuse to take the school as a job due to the fact that there are machinery malfunctions where there shouldn't be accidents on site and at home. I know of three who ended up as organ donars in the er.
There have been paranormal investigators show up on site. They have experienced things but were not able to gather strong proof that it was haunted.
I can't tell you much else because I can't go near the school myself. Never have been able to.

To get off the island I live on there are two different bridges you cane take one is on Beach Blvd the other on Atlantic. Beach Blvd has representation of the segrigation of the beaches area which long before that long before rich people decided they wanted to live on the ocean. The barrier island, the beaches. were a prison a train came from the mainland dropped them off and pulled up the bridge as it went back to the main land.

Now beach blvd takes the place of where the rail road used to be. Over the years As people lived out here people died. Well they formed two cemetarys one right across from teh other on beach blvd One corner is the white the other the black. Now do to what my greatgrandmother could do what my grand mother and my mother could do as well I developed or was born with talents that sometimes i wish i never had. I see the ghost in the cemetaries. More often I don't see them I just hear them They are always there. The black cemetary has a murderer burried with 4 or his victims. they continue through the night reliving what happened most of the time. its hard.

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Posessed Doll [06 Aug 2005|12:22pm]

Ok, this one happened to me when I was about 12. I had a Holly Hobbie doll, or a doll meant to look like her anyway. My grandma had given her to me. I was scared of this doll, and was so scared of her that I had to hide her in the hall closet. Every night I feared having to pass that doll to go to the bathroom. I had a very very bad feeling about the doll. I felt that she was watching my every move, and that if I looked at her her face would contort into an evil grimace and she would harm me. My cousin moved in with us for a while and sometimes we would put the doll in the bedroom with us and pretend that if we put our toes out of the sheets that the doll would shoot our toes off. When my cousin moved out I was still scared of the doll and put her back in the hall closet. But one night I decided that I would be brave and put the doll in my room with me. So I set her on the floor next to my vanity dresser, which happened to have a hand wound music box on top of it. Those are the kind with the handle and it will only play while the handle is being turned. So that night while I was sleeping I heard the music box begin to play, and I was so frightened by this, because I am sure that the doll was playing the music box. After that I got rid of the doll, but continued to have nightmares about her. My most vivid nightmare of her was that I was in my back yard and there was the doll digging her way out of the ground, and coming from the hole was flames. To this day I believe that doll was posessed and that dream told me she had come from hell.

I have been searching everywhere for pictures of this doll, but to no avail. I can not even find anything online that is similar to what she looked like or to how she made me feel everytime I looked at her. I will continue the search for a picture and then I will post one.
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First ever for me! [05 Aug 2005|02:50am]

August 3rd, around 11pm, me and some friends headed up to Palmer Lake in Monument, CO to star gaze and in hopes of seeing other things in the sky as well. We had to hike a while but we finally reached our spot in the field and layed down to watch the sky. The sky was a bit overcast, so we didn't see much while laying there. We caught a few twinkles in the sky, but that was it. We decided we weren't going to catch anything that night so we headed back, and as we were walking back, the time was 1:12 am on August 4th I saw a shooting star (the other two did not see this) go diagonally down from the left to right towards the mountain range, and then y2kvirus and our other friend and I saw some colored flashing lights behind the clouds. We know that it wasnt lightning by the motion of the lights, it was more like strobe lights and the colors that I personally saw were greens, blues and reds. That is all we saw. We waited a while and watched towards the area, but nothing else came of it so we went home. All in all it was an exciting trip because it was my first "encounter" with anything like that in the sky.
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LJ under construction [04 Aug 2005|12:41pm]

This site will be under construction til further notice, and at that time I will post my first encounter.
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