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Hello I guess I will share my story here.

What should I tell you first is the best question. What I am is a start.

I am not Wiccan nor do I follow any real religon but have beliefs from several. So here my story begins.

I will be 22 this year. 22 years of strange things happening of knowing when others are sick before they know them self. Of knowing when people are going to die. of being afraid of touch. Afraid of any type of contact. I am fourth generation emapthic healing. But already my abilities out stretch my great grandmother's. Where to begin on the strange things that do exsist. Ghosts are real and no not all of them are nice. Evil is its own creation within a sipirt world. In these cases Ignorance is truely bliss.

We have a closed School. For the longest it has only been known as Public School 4 or for short PS4. We don't really know what happened there being as the school was built in 1904 but you can't find school records or anything on it.All of my life and my mother's life (so about 60 yrs.)The school as been closed. Now they are turning it into an old folks home.

There are a few rumors. A.)The principal was a cannibal and the bad student who went to his office never came back. B.)The Janitor snapped and went beserk killing a number of faculty and 20 students before A2.)Taking his own life. B2.)Or being killed.

From a metaphysical stand point. I can tell you there are 4 things that live there that should not be. They are evil and have reaked havoc with the construction crews. In the last 40 yrs there have been a number of deaths associated with the school as well as satanic ritals and whorship. There have been two White Lamb sacrifices made there to my knowledge. Ghost crawl out of the wood work. Faces can be seen in the windows that aren't covered with boards. Several of the contractors refuse to take the school as a job due to the fact that there are machinery malfunctions where there shouldn't be accidents on site and at home. I know of three who ended up as organ donars in the er.
There have been paranormal investigators show up on site. They have experienced things but were not able to gather strong proof that it was haunted.
I can't tell you much else because I can't go near the school myself. Never have been able to.

To get off the island I live on there are two different bridges you cane take one is on Beach Blvd the other on Atlantic. Beach Blvd has representation of the segrigation of the beaches area which long before that long before rich people decided they wanted to live on the ocean. The barrier island, the beaches. were a prison a train came from the mainland dropped them off and pulled up the bridge as it went back to the main land.

Now beach blvd takes the place of where the rail road used to be. Over the years As people lived out here people died. Well they formed two cemetarys one right across from teh other on beach blvd One corner is the white the other the black. Now do to what my greatgrandmother could do what my grand mother and my mother could do as well I developed or was born with talents that sometimes i wish i never had. I see the ghost in the cemetaries. More often I don't see them I just hear them They are always there. The black cemetary has a murderer burried with 4 or his victims. they continue through the night reliving what happened most of the time. its hard.
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