`*~Genevieve Kate~*` (insanitysideout) wrote in paraencounters,
`*~Genevieve Kate~*`

First ever for me!

August 3rd, around 11pm, me and some friends headed up to Palmer Lake in Monument, CO to star gaze and in hopes of seeing other things in the sky as well. We had to hike a while but we finally reached our spot in the field and layed down to watch the sky. The sky was a bit overcast, so we didn't see much while laying there. We caught a few twinkles in the sky, but that was it. We decided we weren't going to catch anything that night so we headed back, and as we were walking back, the time was 1:12 am on August 4th I saw a shooting star (the other two did not see this) go diagonally down from the left to right towards the mountain range, and then y2kvirus and our other friend and I saw some colored flashing lights behind the clouds. We know that it wasnt lightning by the motion of the lights, it was more like strobe lights and the colors that I personally saw were greens, blues and reds. That is all we saw. We waited a while and watched towards the area, but nothing else came of it so we went home. All in all it was an exciting trip because it was my first "encounter" with anything like that in the sky.
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