`*~Genevieve Kate~*` (insanitysideout) wrote in paraencounters,
`*~Genevieve Kate~*`

Posessed Doll

Ok, this one happened to me when I was about 12. I had a Holly Hobbie doll, or a doll meant to look like her anyway. My grandma had given her to me. I was scared of this doll, and was so scared of her that I had to hide her in the hall closet. Every night I feared having to pass that doll to go to the bathroom. I had a very very bad feeling about the doll. I felt that she was watching my every move, and that if I looked at her her face would contort into an evil grimace and she would harm me. My cousin moved in with us for a while and sometimes we would put the doll in the bedroom with us and pretend that if we put our toes out of the sheets that the doll would shoot our toes off. When my cousin moved out I was still scared of the doll and put her back in the hall closet. But one night I decided that I would be brave and put the doll in my room with me. So I set her on the floor next to my vanity dresser, which happened to have a hand wound music box on top of it. Those are the kind with the handle and it will only play while the handle is being turned. So that night while I was sleeping I heard the music box begin to play, and I was so frightened by this, because I am sure that the doll was playing the music box. After that I got rid of the doll, but continued to have nightmares about her. My most vivid nightmare of her was that I was in my back yard and there was the doll digging her way out of the ground, and coming from the hole was flames. To this day I believe that doll was posessed and that dream told me she had come from hell.

I have been searching everywhere for pictures of this doll, but to no avail. I can not even find anything online that is similar to what she looked like or to how she made me feel everytime I looked at her. I will continue the search for a picture and then I will post one.
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